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[16/09/2016]: AiTreat entered the final round of Shanghai international startup competition 2016 and won the top prize.

[28/09/2016]: Visit by United Nations IE .

[05/11/2016]: Achieved Certificate for Singapore Day.


Jul 18, 2016

Jul 18, 2016

Jul 18, 2016

Jul 18, 2016

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Our Advantage

AITREAT is the first company in the world to develop commercial TCM massage robot. We have PCT patent and will continue to perfect the intellectual protection in our various area. The medical massage robot is a brand new concept. As the manpower cost further increases in Singapore and other developed countries, the therapeutic companies will be more willing to try on new products and services to reduce the heavy reliance on manpower. We have identified some distinct opportunities within this market as having a proven need and an expressed desire for our robotic solution.

TCM clinics

This group has identified a need for affordable supply of massage therapists/ robots that allow them to provide effective treatment at low cost. Medical massage robots allow TCM clinics to expand despite the shortage of manpower and rising foreign worker levy and quota. With the deployment of the robots, the clinic can reduce the manpower cost and generate more profits in the long run. Moreover, The strict law enforcement will further increase the need of our medical massage robots.

TCM physicians

Currently, TCM physicians bear extra responsibilities for whatever conduct done by the therapists in the clinic. It is not uncommon that some therapists sometimes do not follow the instructions of the physicians entirely, especially when a less qualified non-medical personnel is recruited due to the desperate need for massage therapists in some clinics. If our robots are deployed, physicians can set the key massage parameters and execute their massage treatment plans easily and safely.

Massage Therapists

The utilization of massage robot does not mean the loss of jobs for local massage therapists. The robots can fulfill the labour shortage, but the therapists' knowledge and experiences are still valuable assets to TCM clinics. They can play a better role by upgrading to supervisors and sales persons. They can help the physicians to monitor and control the robots so that the physicians are freed from such tedious & continual work and focus on acupuncture and internal medicine.


EMMA - Quick, Easy and Reliable Traditional Medical Massage Robot. By developing EMMA, we aim to increase the productivity of TCM physicians and reduce the operational cost of TCM clinics. Through more scientific research and development, AITREAT works hard to make this ancient medical practice better understood and use it to preserve health and bring more happiness to mankind.

The-physician will perform physical check-up for the patient and customize treatment plan for precision purpose; Various safety systems have been incorporated in EMMA. Being a collaborative robot, EMMA can work closely with the physician, in a defined space moving at a safe speed. In terms of multiple therapy, AITREAT massage robots can be programmed differently according to the needs of TCM physician, orthopedist, physiotherapist, occupational therapist and chiropractor. Last but not least, Our robot is adaptive to the preference of the patients by creating individual profile for the physician.

What make us strong

Our Team

The Board is responsible for the group’s strategy and for overseeing the group’s performance, and delegates day-to-day responsibility to executive management. But there are a number of matters reserved to the Board.


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